Susana Sorensen

I was born and raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. I graduated from the ITESO University in Business Administration. I came to the USA when I got married in 2001. I have two children named Alek and Sophy, both of them students of OPA. I love living here in Ogden. I enjoy the changes in each season, tulips in spring, sunny days in summer, the colors of the fall, and the snow in winter.


Since childhood I have had a passion for teaching. I have been teaching Spanish as a second language in Ogden for 8 years, in private lessons and in elementary schools, but I started my journey to teaching, when I was college student in Mexico, I volunteered as tutor in a school to help adults get their elementary and junior high certificates.


I like to do outdoor activities, watch movies, read, and travel. I am so excited to start teaching Spanish and share the Latin culture with the kindergarten, 1st. grade, and 2nd. grade kids this year. I am a believer that getting to know different cultures and languages makes people more understanding and better bridges builders with others human beings.

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