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Augilas of Excellence is a new rewards program at our school for grades 7-9th.

Every two weeks, students will be tracked on attendance, grades, and behavior. At the end of the two weeks, staff will post a list of students who earned rewards for that two week period. Then, eligible students will sign up for various activities organized by staff throughout the school. On the Aguilas of Excellence day, students who earned rewards will be released from classes early to attend the activities they selected. All students who qualify will also earn raffle tickets to be used for a variety of prizes. Students who did not earn rewards will attend an academic class, where they will be given time to complete make-up work, receive extra help, and/or study.

To earn an Aguilas of Excellence rewards day, students must demonstrate “Above the Bar” achievement in three areas: attendance, grades, and behavior. “Above the Bar” criteria are defined as follows:

– Attendance: Students must have fewer than 2 absences and no unexcused tardies within the tracking period. (Field trips do not count as absences for Aguilas of Excellence.)

– Grades: All grades must be 80% (B-) or higher at the end of the tracking period. If students are absent or on field trips, they are still expected to keep their grades within this range.

– Behavior: Students must have zero detentions within the tracking period.